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We are excited that you are viewing the Originally Designed Fascinator Hats,

originally made in The United Kingdom.  

To have your hat custom made, take out a pen and paper and have fun writing down the hat inventory number.  If you cannot wait for a fascinator hat to be made, check out our main inventory.  Remember, first come, first serve, but don't fret, there is more to come.


 Main Inventory - you are able to pay for the hat immediately (first come, first serve).  

Custom-Order Made Hats - Complete the Order Hat Form and provide us the hat order no.  If you have a particular color that you would like to order the hat, please provide the actual name of the color, provide the HEX# or upload an example of the color.  

Price - ​​The price of the main inventory hats is included.  Shipping is not included. 

The shipping rate will run between $30 - $50.

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