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The services of a notary republic are needed every day by many individuals, small business owners, businesses, and even corporations.  Having the knowledge, experience, and skills of a notary public is very important for all industries, and Kingdom Groups Enterprise LLC is here to provide those skilled notary services.  

Benefits of Notary Services


Deter Fraud or Forgery

Have the trustworthiness of a notary public to verify a signer's identity to eliminate scammers and add an extra layer of protection for all crucial business documents.

Judge Gavel

Legal Protection

Notarized business documents prevent contract disputes and litigation.

In court

Prevent Need for Witness in Court

Under the law of evidence, notarized documents are considered self-authenticating and may be submitted as evidence without additional proof.  Overall, it prevents a witness to have to appear in court.  Saving money and time.

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Credibility of Documents

Not all documents are legally binding until they are notarized.  Notarization is beneficial for a notary stamp and signature increase the value and authenticity of the document.


Mobile Notary Services

Mobile Notary services include travel to the customer location and performing the need notarization of documents.  In addition, the benefits of a mobile notary agent provides the following:  

  • Flexibility of Time

  • Convenience and Availability

  • Fraud Prevention

  • Easier Access


Insurance Companies

Small Business

Hospitals/Medical Facilities

Real Estate Companies

Construction Companies

Schools (Private/Public)

Law Firms



Notary Signing Agent

Provide notary services for mortgage and title industries

The following services are included for a notary signing agent service:  

  • Travel to the signer's location, meet the signer and notarizing the signer signature

  • Printing  and delivery of loan documents to the signer

  • Ensuring all needed signatures and initials on loan documents

  • Immediate processing and returning (and/or mailing) of the documents to the title company or lender for processing

  • Providing additional instructions from the lender, title company or signing service for the locan closing work


Mortgage Companies

Title Companies

Corporations (any type)

Law Firms



Remote Online Notary (R.O.N.)

Services of Remote Online Notary service is to provide audio/visual technology notary services to complete a notarial act when the principal is not in the same physical location as the notary public.  

Benefits of Remote Online Notary:

  • Eliminates time-consuming and costly requirements for traditional mobile assignments

  • Accessibility and Flexibility

  • Safe and Effective Way 

Kingdoms Group Enterprise does not provide legal advice or acceptance of fees for legal advice. 
All notary services are operated on a business service approach.


Mortgage Companies

Title Companies


Mortgage Companies

Title Companies

Corporations (any type)

Law Firms

Notary Services of
Kingdoms Groups Enterprise LLC

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