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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this for "Real" or a "Scam?""
    Kingdom Administrative Services LLC provides real remote job opportunities. We are looking for agents to service from remote locations for multiple clients, which in turn gives you the option to work a minimum of 15 hours per week. Creating your own schedule will allow you the opportunity to generate great income.
  • Employee or Independent Contractor of Kingdom Administrative Services LLC?
    You will be classified as an Independent Contractor of Kingdom Administrative Services LLC, you will not be an employee. Kingdom Administrative Services LLC has partnered/contracted with clients, and you will service as an agent for the client of your choice.
  • How much money will I make?
    Your income is dependent upon the number of hours you select and service. Most clients require a minimum of 15 hours per week. Reports show that you can make on average $200-$1200 or more (based on additional incentives) every two weeks. The average pay is between $9 - $15 per hour.
  • When Will I Be Paid?
    You are paid on the 1st and 15th day of every month. If you serviced from the 1st – 15th, you will be paid (via direct deposit) on the 1st day of the following month. If you service from the 16th - last day of the month, you will be paid on the 15th day of the following month.
  • How are taxes paid?
    You, as an independent contractor will be responsible for taking out your own taxes and paying them to the IRS. Kingdom Administrative Services LLC, DOES NOT DEDUCT taxes. It is recommended that you contact your nearest IRS office to discuss which taxes should be taken out and which deductions you are eligible for as an independent contractor.
  • Are there any additional fees?
    Yes. Service Partners incur a Monthly Service Fee immediately following their agent’s successful completion of their client certification opportunity. This fee is applied for each agent and is non-negotiable. The fee is not applied on registrants who are in the registration process or on agents who are not yet servicing. There is a client platform usage fee in the amount of $19.75 per payroll and Kingdom Administrative Services LLC, service fee in the amount of $50.00 per payroll invoice, which totals up to a maximum amount of $69.75 per payroll invoice. What’s included? The Client service fee is charged for the infrastructure that is provided, including 24-Hour Client Technical Support Help Desk, the scheduling system, providing remote job opportunities, distribution of payroll, addressing all issues that may arise, continuing education, training sessions, and any correspondence that will allow you to succeed as an independent contractor.
  • Can I Work From Anywhere?
    No. Our client is currently not accepting new applicants from the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Wisconsin. We also are not currently hiring internationally. You must be 18 years or older and legally live in the United States. If you move, you can continue to work from home, as long as it’s not in one of the states mentioned above. In addition, you cannot service anywhere else but from your home.
  • Will There Be Training?
    Yes. Certification courses can be as short as 5-10 days, 2 weeks or can last up to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the client program. Please note, depending upon the client that you select, the course fee can range anywhere from $0.00-149.99.* For more information, review the opportunity announcement for the interested client.
  • Important Additional Information
    1. You are not eligible for unemployment benefits as an independent contractor. 2. Kingdom Administrative Services LLC does not offer medical, dental, vacation, retirement or overtime, etc. 3. Kingdom Administrative Services LLC does not pay you while you are completing your certification course. 4. You will start working and earning income as soon as you complete and pass your certification course. Depending on you and the first day of your certification course, it can take up to 1-2 months to start working and earning income. The clock starts from the time you start registration, complete and pass your background check, choose the client program of your choice, pay for the certification course and complete/pass the course. 5. You will be required to sign an independent contract agreement and summary of understanding to protect you and Kingdom Administrative Services LLC. 6. Kingdom Administrative Services LLC will provide you with all of the correspondence/documentation, additional services and assistance to make your work from home job opportunity a smooth transition and a successful journey within your life. 7. As an agent (independent contractor), you will be able to advance within the client program that you service, based upon your performance metrics (becoming a top performer).
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