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Many reasons and benefits to solarize your home!

Taking the Confusion & RED Tape out of Residential Solar

...let's discover the cost-saving benefits...

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Solar Panels...More Affordable Than EVER!

Ground Mount Systems Available!


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Power During Power Outages

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Power During Winter & Summer Storms

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Low Electric Bills & Cash Back for Non-Electric Usage

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Power on AT ALL TIMES!!!


Benefits of Solar Panels

w/Cali One Services

When it comes to solar panel installation we’re number 1! With  50 years of home improvement experience, Cali One Services is the trusted name in solar panel installations.  Originating in California, and recently expanding out services throughout Texas!


Cali One Services  is your one-stop shop for affordable residential and commercial solar panel installation and roofing.  Our team of certified installations & technicians work with your budget to create turnkey Photovoltaic (PV) systems and custom solar designs for any location.


We pride ourselves on using acclaimed products for all solar modules, inverters & batteries.  We give you the best in the industry to save you more money.  LG solar modules provide enhanced reliability.  While Q.ANTUM solar panels offer high performance on small surfaces.  This is how outstanding performance is built.  We connect all solar panels with Enphase inverters for the highest efficiency.


Solar is more affordable than ever and if you jump on board this year, you will benefit from the 26% federal tax credit.  Call us for a free quote.  We offer zero-down financing so you don’t pay anything upfront. And all our products and installations come with a 25-year warranty.

  • Top Tier Products

  • Zero Down Financing

  • Quality Installation

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • 50 Years Home Serving

  • 25 Year Warranty

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

  • Roofing & Solar Contractors

  • On-Time Completion

More Information


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Generac Generators backed by:

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • 5 Year Extended Warranty

  • Choice of 18 KLW, 22 KLW or 24 KLW

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Solar Cells

The cells in a solar panel are designed to generate electricity and the solar panel cells generate power by capturing sunlight.


Glass allows the transparent solar coating selectively absorb and convert the ultraviolet and near-infrared light to electricity while letting visible light through.


Used to provide adhesion between the solar cells, the top and rear surface of the PV module.

Junction Box

Houses all the electric bits on a solar panel and protect them from the environment.


Protects the inner components of the module, specifically the photovoltaic cells and electrical components from external stresses as well as act as a electric insulator.


Provides mounting attachment points and protectionfor the edges of the glass laminate.

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Save with Solar Panels - Request Service


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Increased Property Value

Reduce energy bill.jpg

Reduced Energy Bill


Help the Earth & Produce Clean Renewable Energy

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Decrease Reliance on Gas/Oil
(Carbon Footprint)

Increased Property Value

A recently study by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that installing a Solar Powered Energy System at home increased property value by almost $35,000.  In most cases, that's more than the cost of the actual solar installation.

Reduced Energy Bill

Lower Electric Bill & Start Saving
Bill - $393    After Solar - $26

Utility rates are increasing every year.  So, let's get you ahead of the curve and reduce your bill with a solar energy installation.  Buy using "net metering," you can profit from selling the extra energy your solar system creates to your local utility company in the form of credits toward your electric bill.


Help the Earth & Produce Clean Renewable Energy

The Sun provides an infinite source of light.  This light, called Photons, is what solar panels take in to create power for homes or businesses.  It is clean, harmless and sustainable.  

Decrease Reliance on Gas/Oil
(Carbon Footprint)

Coal, Gas and Oil are the primary sources for electricity.  Unfortunately, when we burn these "fossil fuels," it pollutes the atmosphere with carbon dioxide.  Relying on solar panels for energy greatly reduces the demand for these harmful energy sources.

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CALI One Services


Home Solar Installation & Repair

Whether you're adding solar panels to your roof or on the ground, we make the process simple and efficient.  The process starts with a free estimate.

Solar Service Request
Fixing the Roof

Residential Roofing Installation & Repair

Get your roof in shape!!! Whether its a new roof or a straightforward repair, our licensed technicians will make your roof great again.  We will install and repair all types of roofs - shingles, metal asphalt, clay tiles, or concrete


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