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Statistics show that many business owners are spending too much time managing operational logistics instead of being front and center in growing the business.  In addition, as cost and competition increase, business owners are ditching the "I can do it myself" to offload the time-consuming back-office administrative tasks.   

As the CARDIOLOGIST of companies, Kingdoms Group Enterprise is here to prevent all forms of business failures such as losing key customers, always putting out firefighting issues, having a weak business financial position, and having a lack of capital, and/or decreasing business revenue.

Kingdom Groups Enterprise is here to assist you with the offloading and allowing you to be front and center in growing your company, finalizing deals, and increasing the revenue of the company.

Overall, having the ability to scale your business is the main purpose of OUTSOURCING


Let us show you how we can ASSIST!!!


Virtual Administrative Services

Virtual Administrative, Office Manager & Receptionist)

Let's talk about the TOP BENEFITS of virtual administration services:  1) Increase efficiency 2) Increased Flexibility 3) Increased Marketing and 4) Decreased Expenses.  There are many more, but overall, think about it, outsourcing for virtual administration services decrease stress, allows you to do more business tasks that you love, frees your life in having a healthier work/life balance and it saves you the standard overhead business expenses of a full-time employee and allows you to pay for actual hours worked.

Businesses outsource for virtual administration services when:

  • The business is growing and needs to get to the next stage

  • There is not enough time to complete all the tasks in a day

  • Appointments and opportunities are being missed

  • You are having to turn away work because you are not able to do it all alone.

Open For Business

Business Start-Up & General Office Development

Kingdoms Group Enterprise LLC assist all new business owners with the development of your office and the start-up of your new business by:

  • Setting up the correct licenses, permits, and/or certifications for your business

  • Reduce overhead costs

  • Provide skilled expertise 

  • Provide increase efficiency 

  • Reduce turnaround times

  • Generate profit

Project Management

Project Management is part of the core of your business.  Outsourcing project management services will save time, provide resource coordination, one-on-one communication with team members, budget monitoring, and risk management.

In addition, it will improve company focus, free internal resources for other purposes, streamline time-consuming functions, and reduce labor costs.

Visual Project


PAYROLL is the most common outsource business service, that has been shown to decrease costs and increase compliance.  Statistics show that companies that outsource payroll and/or invoicing, save 18%  over the 60% of businesses that still handle this service in-house.  Saving $845 per year in penalties and/or not having to deal with the frustration of sales tax, can help with spending less than 24 days annually to manage sales tax compliance which const generally around $22k. 

Invoicing provides effective communication of the services rendered, stronger customer relationship, and increases the company revenue of paid invoices that were prepared accurately and sent in a timely manner to the customer.  

Email & Calendar Management

Effective management of your calendar will reflect and enable your company's core priorities.  A managed calendar allows the company time to be managed effectively and has the power to increase the impact of a daily and successful business.  

Emails are the norm for professional communication and having the ability to have your email inbox be effectively managed, is important for all executives, small business owners, business coaches, realtors, lawyers, physicians, and much more to have company success.

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social media.jpeg

Digital Marketing

Statistics show that 76% of small businesses spend roughly 33 hours a week just on marketing activities.  The importance of outsourcing digital marketing is to expand your company social media platform to find new audiences and re-engage your company with customers from previous services.  Moreover, it will enable you to increase and attract new clientele, increase leads that turn into customers,  and allow you to continue to capitalize on the latest social media trend for your industry.  Reach and introduce your business/services to the millions of millennials and Gen Z's that are spending a chunk of the day on social media.

Last but not least, our digital marketing service has a wide repertoire of means to attract audiences by creating content marketing, banners, email marketing plans and so much more, that results and yield a high ROI and increases your business scope.

Website Development

Whether it is your company goal to 

  • Make money

  • Sell products

  • Sell services

  • Save money

  • Brand your company

  • Generate leads

  • Showcase authority and establish trust

  • Build a relationship with your audience

  • Nurture Sales

  • Generate Leads

  • Be Informational

  • Provide Entertainment

  • Conduct Online Eduction

  • Express your Creativity and Originality

  • Blog


Responsive Website

General Accounting

Many businesses keep this service in-house for good reasons, HOWEVER, the benefits of outsourcing general accounting can:

  • Be cost-effective - saving money to recruit, train, and relieve your business  from payroll taxes, salary, insurance, benefits, and time-off

  • Drives core business functions - allowing you to put money toward activities that increase revenue

  • Increase controls and reduce fraud - reduces risks and allows for greater internal control, for having one or two people only conducting general accounting can be a greater risk of experiencing fraud.

Business Correspondence

(Letters, Memos, Spreadsheet, Presentations)

Finger Pointing To Graph Documents

The importance of business correspondence is the communication between your business and your customers, clients, and your industry audience.  Whether it is in written form or digital, the creation and preparation of your business correspondence need to be accurate, content clear, and to the point.

Bonus:  Includes Marketing Correspondence

  • Newsletters

  • Event Programs/Booklets

  • Marketing Flyers

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